Auckland is the gateway to New Zealand, a vibrant country consistently ranked amongst the easiest places to do business. Auckland is home to a thriving bioeconomy industry with world-leading capability in human health, medtech, cleantech, functional foods and agbio.

A truly international city, Auckland is also in the top four ‘best cities in the world to live’ according to global surveys, and attracts leading talent from all over the world. Combining Auckland’s lifestyle with its bioeconomy capabilities, skilled migrants and the city’s own amazingly talented science leaders has led to its bio companies today becoming recognised as amongst the most innovative in the world.

Auckland is continuing to develop world-leading clinical trial facilities, with over $NZ300m of overseas investment attracted to the sector within five years. Its regional group of bioeconomy companies, already accounting for more than a quarter of New Zealand’s total bioeconomy industry, are actively working with international investors to continue to grow the city’s capabilities.

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Lanzatech, photo taken by Doublescoop for Auckland Council


Lanzatech, photo taken by Doublescoop for Auckland Council



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